How to Read the Bible

TAKE TIME: Have a regular spot in your daily routine for reading. For most people mornings are better than evenings.

BE COMFORTABLE: Reading should be enjoyable and you should look forward to reading. So pick a comfortable setting. Sitting at a desk for reading can be more productive and comfortable.

SELECT A TRANSLATION: Select a translation. You may want to have more than one on hand so you can compare them when you come across something you don’t understand.

PRAY: Start out by asking for God’s help in understanding His Word.

READ SLOWLY: Be patient. Don’t try to read too much at once and read through your selection slowly.

CONCENTRATE: Try reading aloud. Reading aloud doesn’t solve the problem of the wandering mind but it helps the mind to focus.

HAVE AN OPEN MIND: Let the Bible teach you. Ask questions and be prepared for new ideas.

KEEP IT IN CONTEXT: If something doesn’t make sense, look in nearby chapters for clues.

TAKE NOTES: Keep a pen and notebook handy and write down questions you may have, interesting points, connections and anything else you discover.


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