Bible Journaling

It is easy to read through pages of the Bible and feel sometimes like it is just words and more words.

Journaling your way through the Bible is an amazing way of bringing it to life. During the first challenge maybe you would like to give it a try. Often people are a little scared of drawing, but you may surprise yourself. Or you might just want to write out a summary of the chapter and any notable verses.

You will need a blank notebook and a pen or pencil you are comfortable with. I will go through each reading and tell you what I would do, but of course, you should include what speaks to you and leave out what doesn’t.

At the end, you will have the story of Genesis, and you will see how God works in the lives of people, not by making their lives easy and comfortable, but by challenging them. You will also see that He is a God who makes promises and keeps them.

Get ready to start on May 1st!


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