20 Day Challenge #1: Genesis 6 & 7


Read through the chapter and then go over it again and write out what you notice in your notebook. The first challenge is experimenting with bible journaling. You can use the following to guide you if you wish. If you don’t like drawing, then just write out the words in appropriate sizes or shapes.

Genesis 6:

  • Draw the sons of God and the daughters of men. Label them and then draw their progeny: the mighty men of renown.
  • During this time period, people seemed to live a very long time (the oldest man was Methuselah who lived 969 years) and so it is not surprising that there were men who were considered “giants” or “bullies” in the world. Draw a small circle and then write in it the number of years God appointed to man.  It’s possible that this was meant to be a reduction in the number of years men would be allowed to live.
  • Write out God’s summary of man from verse 5.
  • In large letters, write out what God’s feelings were in verse 6.
  • Draw a stickman for Noah and write beside Noah the words that are used to describe him.
  • Draw three smaller stickmen and label them as his sons.
  • Draw a simple boat and label it as much as you like with the directions for building it.
  • Draw a big circle and inside the circle write out what would be inside the ark from verses 18-21.
  • Write out what Noah did from verse 22.

Genesis 7:

  • Add the instructions from verse 2 to your big circle from the chapter 6.
  • Write beside Noah how old he was when he entered the ark.
  • Draw what you imagine the fountains of the great deeps and the windows of heaven to be and label them.
  • Write out in large letters the length of time it took to flood the earth from verse 12.
  • Draw the ark floating on the waters which cover the land below.
  • Draw a small circle and write in it the number of days the waters prevailed on the earth.
  • Write out what happened to life outside the ark.

Challenge #1: Genesis 6 & 7 PDF


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