20 Day Challenge #1: Genesis 8 to 9:17

biblejournaling4Read through the chapter and then go over it again and write out what you notice in your notebook. The first challenge is experimenting with bible journaling. You can use the following to guide you if you wish. If you don’t like drawing, then just write out the words in appropriate sizes or shapes.

Genesis 8:

  • In the first verse it says the God remembered Noah. This is important because what it tells us of God is that God does not forget. Write it out in big letters at the top of your page.
  • Do some math starting with when Noah went into the ark (chapter 7:11) and then when the ark settled onto Mt. Ararat in verse 4, and then when the tops of the mountains were seen in verse 5, then 40 days later Noah sends out the raven and a dove, another seven days and he sends the dove out again, and then seven days more and he sends out the dove for the last time. Now the ground is dry, and finally Noah and his family are allowed to leave the ark. Months were 30 days long. How many days were they inside the ark? Draw some appropriate visuals.
  • Genesis 8:21-22 is another promise. Write it out and then draw a frame around it.

Genesis 9:

  • Write out in point form God’s new instructions for man from verses 1-7.
  • Draw the rainbow and write out the covenant that God made with all living things.

“As the old world was ruined to be a monument of justice, so this world remains to this day, a monument of mercy, according to the oath of God, that the waters of Noah should no more return to cover the earth.” (MHC)

Challenge #1: Genesis 8 & 9 PDF


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