20 Day Challenge #1: Genesis 12 & 13

biblejournaling5Read through the chapter and then go over it again and write out what you notice in your notebook. The first challenge is experimenting with bible journaling. You can use the following to guide you if you wish. If you don’t like drawing, then just write out the words in appropriate sizes or shapes.

Genesis 12:

  • In this chapter God begins the process of calling out a people for Himself. Abram’s family had left Ur, a great city but one that worshipped gods of their own making, and were on their way to Canaan. They had stopped in Haran and Abram’s father had died there. Now God comes to Abram and tells him to keep going. Look at a map in the back of your Bible or here, and draw a rough map in your notebook of where they had come from and where they were going – you can add to it as you go along.
  • Write out the promise God made to Abram in verse 7.
  • Faith and trust is a hard thing. Draw the beautiful Sarai. Write out what Abram was afraid of and what he should have done instead.

Pharaoh reasons with him: Why didst thou not tell me that she was thy wife? intimating that, if he had known this, he would not have taken her into his house. Note, It is a fault too common among good people to entertain suspicions of others beyond what there is cause for. We have often found more of virtue, honour, and conscience, in some people than we thought they possessed; and it ought to be a pleasure to us to be thus disappointed, as Abram was here, who found Pharaoh to be a better man than he expected. Charity teaches us to hope the best. (MHC)

Genesis 13:

  • Draw Abram in his tent with his flocks and bags of gold and silver and beside him draw Lot in his tent with his flocks. Herdsmen would probably fight about water and pasture land. So you could draw a well and some grass and stickmen having a brawl.
  • Draw the Jordan valley on the east, and the rocky hills with sparse grass on the west and draw arrows from Abram and Lot to the land that they chose.
  • Draw a city and label it with the words of verse 13.
  • Draw a compass and around it write the words of the promise God made to Abram in verse 15 and 16.

Challenge #1: Genesis 12 & 13 PDF


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