20 Day Challenge #1: Genesis 42

biblejournaling16Read through the chapter and then go over it again and write out what you notice in your notebook. You can use the following to guide you if you wish. If you don’t like drawing, then just write out the words in appropriate sizes or shapes.

Genesis 42:

  • Draw Joseph looking like an Egyptian, and his ten brothers bowing down to him. Write out verse 8.
  • When he looked at them bowing down to him, he remembered his dreams. He needs to know if they are the same men as they were at that time, or if they have changed. Write out what he accuses them of.
  • Write out what they were still feeling guilty about after all these years.
  • Draw Joseph weeping. Write out what the brothers must do to prove they are not spies.
  • Draw the bag of money in the top of their grain sack. Write out the brothers reaction to this.
  • Write out Jacob’s decision.

Challenge #1: Genesis 42 PDF


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