Challenge #2: Day 1


Exodus 1 & 2

Read through the chapters and while you are reading, put a mark beside anything that stands out to you or that makes you ask why. If what you have marked is not included below, then you may want to investigate your own questions instead. But I will go through the process here if you are not familiar with using the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

Exodus 1:7“But the people of Israel were fruitful and increased greatly; they multiplied and grew exceedingly strong, so that the land was filled with them.”

Why does this verse seem to be emphasizing their fruitfulness?

Write out the verse at the top of your page.

If you are reading a Bible which includes cross-references, write down all the references (book, chapter and verse) in your notebook.

If you are working online, go to

  1. Type in verse in the box on the top right (Exodus 1:7)
  2. Click on TOOLS beside the verse.
  3. Click on CROSS-REFS.
  4. It will bring up a window which shows which word(s) are linked to cross-references in red. Underneath this will be a list of verses, and you can scroll down to view the verses themselves.

If you are working offline on e-sword, click your way to Exodus 1:7.

  1. Bring up the verse by clicking on the book and chapter and then scrolling down and clicking on the verse.
  2. The TSK (Treasury of Scripture Knowledge) will be to the right on your screen and will list the word or phrase from the verse and a list of related verses.

You should have a list like this:

fruitful: Exo 12:37; Gen  1:20, Gen 1:28, Gen 9:1, Gen 12:2, Gen 13:16, Gen 15:5, Gen 17:4-6, Gen 17:16, Gen 22:17, Gen 26:4; Gen 28:3-4, Gen 28:14, Gen 35:11, Gen 46:3, Gen 47:27, Gen 48:4, Gen 48:16; Deu 10:22, Deu 26:5; Neh 9:23; Psa 105:24; Act 7:17-18

Look up each verse and circle it in your notebook if it seems relevant.

Sometimes, you may want to keep going and look at the cross-references of the cross-references and follow the idea through the Bible.

By the end of this exercise, it should be fairly clear why there is such an emphasis on the growth of the people of Israel. Notice that in Exodus 1:5 there were 70 persons that came down into Egypt (not including women), and then Exodus 12:37 tells there were 600,000 that left Egypt only just over 200 years later!

Write out the answer to the question: God was abundantly fulfilling a promise he had made to Abraham.

Here are some other ideas to investigate further if you have time:

Exodus 1:21 – why did God give the midwives houses?
Exodus 2:24 – why did their groaning make God remember his covenant?


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