Challenge #2: Day 20



This is a longer reading – a whole book. But it doesn’t take too long to read and reading it all in one go gives you a good feel for the whole story.
During this time in Israel’s history, the Jews had been allowed to return to their land and they were rebuilding the city of Jerusalem and the Temple. However, there were many who remained in the land where they had been taken captivity, probably because they had made a comfortable life for themselves there.

This is chronologically one of the last books of the Old Testament and an interesting thing about this book is that it is the only book in the Bible that never mentions God. Perhaps it is meant to show how that God, whether acknowledged or not, still works out His purposes.

As you read, as well as putting a mark beside anything that stands out to you or that makes you ask why, put a mark beside anything that makes you think that God working behind the scenes. By now you should be doing great at asking and finding answers to your own questions. Visit Day 1 if you need a reminder of what to do.

Hope you enjoyed Challenge #2!


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