20 Day Challenge #3


When the books of the Bible were being written thousands of years ago, they were not written in English. The books of the Old Testament were written by people known as Hebrews or Jews and were written in Hebrew with a little Aramaic here and there. The New Testament was written in Greek.
The Bible was first translated into English in the 1600’s and since then has been re-translated many times resulting in the assortment of translations we have to choose from today.

There are a four main types of translation:

Word for Word: This is when each word in the original language is translated to mean what it would literally mean in English. The only words added are those which would make the English gramatically correct and these usually appear in italics.

Thought for Thought: This is when instead of translating each word literally, it is translated phrase by phrase. It attempts to correct the problems with the word for word translations when up against idioms or other ways of saying things that don’t make sense in English. The translators attempt to interpret what the author was trying to say.

Word for Word and Thought for Thought Blends: These are obviously a combination of the previous two and the translators decide when to use which method.

Paraphrase: This method does not necessarily pay any attention to the original language and often is from one English translation to another. The translator becomes the interpreter. This type of translation, although it may be the easiest to read, can be misleading as you are being subjected to the translators opinion rather than what a passage might actually be saying.

Thanks to the internet it is possible to try out any translation you wish. During this next challenge we will read from various translations and compare them with one another.

We’ll start September 1st.


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