Challenge #3: Day 1


The King James Version

  • Year Completed: 1611
  • Type of Translation: Word for Word
  • Reading Level: Grade 12
  • # of People Involved: 54

Job 1 & 2

We will start with a translation that some find difficult, but has been around for a very long time. It is linked to a number of helpful study aids and is therefore a good one to use as a basic study Bible.

The KJV was completed in 1611, so the vocabulary can be difficult, but it is also a very beautiful translation and many of it’s phrases are still used today such as: a broken heart, a labour of love, a peace offering, breath of life, nothing new under the sun, etc.

There are a few different choices for reading the Bible online, but for this challenge we will use Go there now and choose the KJV translation from the list, and then type in the reading for today in the “search” box above that.

Since most of the readings for this challenge come from the poetry section of the Bible, take the time during your reading to choose a verse or two to write out in your notebook. Perhaps you may want to look at in different translations later.

When you have finished reading, write down in your notebook your thoughts about this translation. Was it hard/easy to read? Did the language confuse or appeal to you?


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