Be Inspired… Week 4


Habits are formed by the repetition of particular acts. They are strengthened by an increase in the number of repeated acts. Habits are also weakened or broken, and contrary habits formed by the repetition of contrary acts. – Mortimer J. Adler

Power Ups:

Use Social Media: Post a verse or a thought from your reading.

Allies: Plan to do a reading with someone (can you skype? meet somewhere?)

Interaction: Ask a question you have from your reading. Ask your family, friends, or use social media. Investigate it yourself and then share what you find out.


There seem to be so many different ways of interpreting the Bible. The incredible thing about the Bible is that it is like a gold mine. You have to dig and search and really look to find the treasure. When you do this, however, you will find that it is actually amazingly consistent and that truth is there to be discovered. The important thing is to remember that the truth must come from the Bible itself and not from a commentary. The Bible is the inspired word of God, but commentaries are the thoughts of men and need to be checked against what the Bible itself says.

The Bible seems a bit old-fashioned sometimes. Although it may seem counter-cultural in places, the Bible has actually remained relevant and helpful for thousands of years. You may need to dig a little deeper and discover what is behind the ideas that seem old-fashioned to you at first.

Digging Deeper:

Quest 7: What character in the Bible inspires you to strive harder or has the kind of experiences that you would like to have? Write down what character strengths you admire in this person. What are some ways you could use this person as an inspiration in your life? Write out some quotations from this person, or verses that show them using the particular character strength.

Quest 8: “A value isn’t something you can ever get or achieve, it describes how you want to live and gives purpose to every single day.” (Jane McGonigal) What are your values? If you want, take this survey (disclosure: it is put out by a humanist organization). Now, take your top strength and find out what the Bible has to say about it. For example, perhaps your #1 value is bravery – look up “courage” in Nave’s Topical Bible. Come up with a list of seven ways to use your top five value strengths.

Verses to meditate on: